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SUAFI will assist you in finding a tier-A or a local caliber investor, who is committed to your success and will help you navigate the challenges of scaling your business

Good practices when preparing for a funding round:

  • Create interest in social media
  • Understand your timing and be ready to spend 6-12 months
  • Choose between grants, angels, venture capital and accelerators
  • Prepare your pitch deck, cap table, DD data room
  • Prioritize investors who specialize in your niche
Cases Discover how businesses like yours use SUAFI to acquire new clients
HypeAuditor Nate Lisker , Sales Manager
These guys regularly generate appointments, and some have already become paying customers.
Campaign details

We focus the outreach campaign on three countries: the US, Canada and the UK. I like the flexibility and professionalism of the team; they are agile in testing and changing strategy if needed. They have arranged web calls with top brands such as Dentsu Int., Twilio, Vimeo, and PayPal.

25,000 decision-makers found in 3 target markets
20% conversion from web demo -> to paying customer
35% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder
The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations!
Campaign details

SUAFI is currently helping us with CustDev and sales activities in the US, and the EU. They book 4-5 SQL calls for us every week, and the best week had a record of 18 attended calls! I believe their price-to-service quality ratio is incredible compared to what we see in the market.

260 sales-qualified calls were completed within a year
24 target industries completed
70% average conversion from positive responses to booked calls
Uploadcare Igor Debatur , Co-Founder, CEO
SUAFI helped us move our HQ to Vancouver, hire local sales people, and improve our demo stream & playbook.
Campaign details

We've partnered with SUAFI for over three years and are now working on a lead generation campaign for B2B. I keep suggesting SUAFI to my CEO friends who are looking for international expansion.

20,000 tech area DM leads found
33% the average email open rate
67 calls arranged incl. the most wanted list, such as Yotpo, Tophatter, DevMedia, etc.
MEL Science Sergey Safonov , Co-Founder
SUAFI helped us arrange plenty of meetings on the sidelines of a very important offline event.
Campaign details

We started working with Start Up And Fly a month before Nuremberg International Toy Fair. They helped us jam up the meetings schedule for my sales manager and me. I keep suggesting this team to my fellow startup founders.

1,000 target leads outreached within one month
43% conversion of LinkedIn custom invites
7 meetings attended with TOP PROSPECTS within 2 days
01 /04

SUAFI is trusted by hundreds of leaders around the globe

Uploadcare Igor Debatur, CEO

We've partnered with SUAFI for 3+ years. They helped us move HQ to Vancouver, hire local salespeople, improve demo flow & playbooks. Now we work on a B2B client acquisition campaign. I suggest SUAFI to my CEO friends who're looking for global expansion.

SpatialChat Almas Abdulkhairov, Founder

We work with SUAFI on improving outbound client acquisition. They’ve engaged 4 analysts, an SDR, a PM, and the team works in unison as if they're in-house! They started generating web calls from week one and helped us improve our AEs performance during demos.

CrowdSpace Oleg Demidov, Founder

We worked together with Sergey's team on an investment campaign. Lots of insights and quality meetings with potential investors/partners. Looking forward to tackling new challenges side by side with SUAFI!

InKin Zara Martirosyan, Founder

Fellow entrepreneurs highly recommended SUAFI! We were looking for local experts who could help us penetrate the US B2B market. Glad to launch our multi-channel campaign - great results so far, and we hope SUAFI will manage all of our outreach efforts.

PromoRepublic Max Pechersky, CEO

We first met Sergey at the SAASTR co-selling space in SF back in 2015. Since then, SUAFI has helped us hire talented AEs and CSMs and set up an outbound lead gen campaign that led to the signing of our first national-level franchise client.

Chumak Anastasia Dolinovskaya, Export KAM

Start Up And Fly team is helping us penetrate large EU-based retail chains and expand our brand further. They take care of our corporate LinkedIn, social media posting and outbound lead gen. Every week, they generate several sales-qualified appointments for our commercial team.

Maavan Moez Nasser, CEO

The SUAFI team is assisting us in an ongoing customer acquisition campaign in the US/Canada markets. We're building a large, quality database of targeted prospects! Good job, guys, keep growing!

AnuvaTechnologies Hemal Desai, Founder

We cooperate with Start Up and Fly Inc. on cold outreach efforts in the very competitive field of digital marketing. They were able to start generating sales appointments for us starting from the second week of working together. Great skills!

YangoDeli Tech Dmitry Dogaev, Tech Implementation Manager

They are experts in lead gen and sales outreach. SUAFI approached the job responsibly in order to understand our product and the purpose of our cooperation. They show willingness and flexibility to make any changes to the process we want that multiplies positive outcomes.

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