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                                    Customer Development is an important practice to make sure your product or service meets the needs of your customers.

Customer Development is an important practice to make sure your product or service meets the needs of your customers.

A well-organized CustDev interview
is a great door-opener to your new paying clients!

Blueprint of action:

  • Find a research expert, fluent in the language of your respondents
  • Make a list of respondents and think of an incentive for them
  • Launch a multi-channel outreach campaign
  • Conduct interviews and make video recordings
  • Analyze the results to validate your new market

SUAFI rocket plans and executes CustDev interviews with any seniority level geography industry job title planet of your respondents

CustDev interviews FREE CustDev interviews
  • no financial incentives for respondents;
  • calls usually take < 30 minutes;
  • more complex outreach;
  • are positioned as “quick expert interviews”;
  • if go well can turn into paying customers.
CustDev interviews SPONSORED CustDev interviews
  • comes with a “thank you” incentive;
  • calls may take longer;
  • faster results;
  • flexible positioning;
  • perfect for testing hypotheses or validating a new market.
Cases Discover how businesses like yours use SUAFI to acquire new clients
Qase Nikita Fedorov, Founder
We’ve been working with SUAFI since 2020 on two fronts: B2B appointment setting and global talent recruitment.
Campaign details

From the first month, we started getting booked appointments from our target verticals. Each month they generate 15+ scheduled calls, leading to ~12 completed SQL calls, often new trials, and paying clients!

50,000 target leads found
40 key market verticals completed
32% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
HypeAuditor Nate Lisker , Sales Manager
These guys regularly generate appointments, and some have already become paying customers.
Campaign details

We focus the outreach campaign on three countries: the US, Canada and the UK. I like the flexibility and professionalism of the team; they are agile in testing and changing strategy if needed. They have arranged web calls with top brands such as Dentsu Int., Twilio, Vimeo, and PayPal.

25,000 decision-makers found in 3 target markets
20% conversion from web demo -> to paying customer
35% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder
The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations!
Campaign details

SUAFI is currently helping us with CustDev and sales activities in the US, and the EU. They book 4-5 SQL calls for us every week, and the best week had a record of 18 attended calls! I believe their price-to-service quality ratio is incredible compared to what we see in the market.

260 sales-qualified calls were completed within a year
24 target industries completed
70% average conversion from positive responses to booked calls
MEL Science Sergey Safonov , Co-Founder
SUAFI helped us arrange plenty of meetings on the sidelines of a very important offline event.
Campaign details

We started working with Start Up And Fly a month before Nuremberg International Toy Fair. They helped us jam up the meetings schedule for my sales manager and me. I keep suggesting this team to my fellow startup founders.

1,000 target leads outreached within one month
43% conversion of LinkedIn custom invites
7 meetings attended with TOP PROSPECTS within 2 days
01 /04

SUAFI is trusted by hundreds of leaders around the globe Julia Tumasyan, COO

We work with SUAFI on two fronts: a lead gen campaign to attract new clients from Africa and salespeople recruitment. They are great at both domains! Together we’ve hired 2 excellent account executives, and every week they are busy with calls scheduled by SUAFI!

NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder

We’ve been partnering with SUAFI since Dec 2021. They organized CustDev interviews across multiple countries and when we collected enough data to complete the ICP, they started scheduling sales calls. Great team, awesome results so far, and we plan to continue!

Stayfitt Roman Kuznetsov, CEO

With the assistance of SUAFI, we set up an appointment-setting campaign in UAE and Saudi Arabia targeting enterprise clients. We tested several approaches and reached the desired 10+ calls a month. The quality of their A/B tests is simply superb; creativity at level 80!

SpatialChat Almas Abdulkhairov, Founder

We work with SUAFI on improving outbound client acquisition. They’ve engaged 4 analysts, an SDR, a PM, and the team works in unison as if they're in-house! They started generating web calls from week one and helped us improve our AEs performance during demos.

PromoRepublic Max Pechersky, CEO

We first met Sergey at the SAASTR co-selling space in SF back in 2015. Since then, SUAFI has helped us hire talented AEs and CSMs and set up an outbound lead gen campaign that led to the signing of our first national-level franchise client.

Brave VC Albert Smektalsky, Partner

SUAFI is our reliable partner in scouting promising startup projects and commercializing them globally. They support us in cooperation with Poland PRIZE and help our portfolio companies with GoToMarket and BuzDev strategies in the US. Global experts in B2B sales!

Yandex Elena Chernysheva, Product Manager

SUAFI is helping us with B2B CustDevs and sales appointments around the globe. Our partnership began in 2021, and continues into 2024. The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations! They have an amazing value for money!

Rentmania Alan Mesh, Founder

I really enjoyed working together on booking several dozen appointments with our potential investors. Despite the short notice, the team hopped on the project and was very creative. I look forward to keeping this partnership active.

ActiveChat Andrew Ganine, Founder

We've been working with SUAFI to set up product web demos with support and customer success executives across North America. They helped us tune up our pitch by marrying AI and human approach. Well done!

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