We're disrupting the market with our
Lead Gen Team as a service


For startups: we help tech projects enter the US market.
We're disrupting the market with our
Lead Gen Team as a service
For startups: we help tech projects enter the U.S. market.
What is the Lead Gen Team as a Service?
Our Clients: Europe
We cooperate with SUAFI on sales talents recruitment and sales enablement services, which includes improving our social selling, generating leads, and appointment setting services, as part of customer acquisition strategy. Professional and speedy!
Nikita Fedorov
Founder, CEO at Qase
We've partnered with Start Up And Fly for over 3 years now. They helped us move the HQ to Vancouver, hire local sales talents, and improve our demo flow & playbooks. Now we're working on a B2B lead gen campaign. I keep suggesting SUAFI to my CEO-friends who're looking for international expansion.
Igor Debatur
Co-founder, CEO at Uploadcare
We started working with SUAFI in mid-2021. Since then, the guys have been generating regular appointments, and some of them have turned into paying customers. I like the flexibility and professionalism of the team; very agile in testing and changing its strategy if needed.
Nate Lisker
Sales Manager at HypeAuditor
We cooperate with SUAFI on building an outbound customer acquisition machine. They allocated 4 data analysts, an SDR, a PM and the team works in unison as if it's in-house. They started generating web demos from day one! Team also help us analyze our demo flow, and improve paid clients' conversion.
Almas Abulkhairov
Founder at SpatialChat
I was highly recommended to work with this team by fellow entrepreneurs. We were looking for local experts who can help us penetrate the US B2B market. Very excited to start our multi-channel outbound project and hope that over time Start Up & Fly will completely outsource our outbound.
Zara Martirosyan
Founder, CEO at inKin
We first met with Sergey at the SAASTR co-working space in San Francisco back in 2015. Since then Start Up And Fly has helped us hire US-based AE and a customer success expert. We also set up a new type of outbound campaign, that eventually allowed us to sign our first large franchise client.
Max Pechersky
Co-founder, CEO at PromoRepublic
DAT project partners with Start Up And Fly on GoToMarket strategy and BuzDev in the U.S. The team is helping us take care of importing, FDA, and UL certifications, as well as B2B sales and distribution. In parallel, we're working together in the Polish PRIZE accelerator as both scouts and mentors.
Albert Smektalski
CEO, Investor at DAT
SUAFI is currently helping us with CusDev activities in the US and EU. The project got up to speed very quickly and the results so far are exceeding our expectations! They have an awesome price to service quality ratio, compared to what we see on the market.
Elena Chernysheva
Head of Product at Yandex
I enjoyed working together on booking several dozens of appointments with investors. Despite the short notice, the team hopped on the project and was very creative. I look forward to keeping this partnership active.
Arkadiy Meshkovskiy
CEO at Rentmania
We've been working together with Sergey's team on the investment campaign. Lots of insights and quality appointments with potential investors/partners. Look forward to solving new challenges side by side with SUF!
Oleg Demidov
Founder of CrowdSpace
We're working with SUAFI on setting up product demo calls with support and customer success teams across North America. They helped us shape our pitch in the right direction (marrying AI and human chats).
Andrew Ganine
Founder at ActiveChat
Start Up And Fly team is helping us penetrate large EU-based retail chains and expand our brand further. They take care of our corporate LinkedIn, social posting and outbound lead-gen.
Anastasia Dolinovskaya
Export KAM at Chumak
Our Clients: USA and Canada
Gerardo Kerik
WSI - Atlanta
Former Warner & Disney Exec. | Brand/Digital Strategist, CRO Expert | Specialize in M&E, Education & Financial Services
Andreas Mueller-Schubert
WSI - Smart Marketing
Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Sales and Lead Generation Expert | Helping consumer focused businesses harness the internet
Ben Smith
WSI - Web Success
Senior Living and CCRC Digital Marketing Strategist
Mauricio Rojas
WSI - Vancouver
Marketing Incubator for Tech Startups | Digital Marketing Blueprint (FB, IG, CRO, PPC, A/B tests, Marketing Automation)
Aaron (Lee) Braunstein
WSI - Waco
Digital Marketer 15+ yrs. | Generating New Clients for Home Services Businesses / Owners | Native Texan
Robert (Edward) Nance
WSI - Carlsbad
Digital Marketer 20+ Yrs. | Home Improvement Leads for surfaces, solar, window, and pest control | Husband and Father
Shannon (McDonald) Clement
Tech Startups
Content Messaging Expert & Outsourced Marketing Team Lead | Tech Companies, Incubators & Accelerators | Word Nerd
Christina (Rontynen) Pilarski
Leads & Reviews for DMOs & Tourism Companies | Former AB Tourism Advisor | I Transform Locals into Advocates | #MomBoss
Lynne Motkoski
B2C & D2C Digital Marketing Expert | Positioning local businesses to compete with retail giants online
Our Clients: Rest of the World
SUAFI team is helping us with an ongoing customer acquisition campaign on the US/Canadian markets. We're making a large, high-quality database of target prospects! Good job, guys, keep growing!
Moez Nasser
Founder, CEO at Maavan
We cooperate with Start Up and Fly Inc. in a very competitive digital marketing field. They were able to start generating sales appointments for us from the second week or working. Great outreach skills!
Hemal Desai

B2B Appointment Setting

We team up with business leaders to find prospects, scale outbound, and grow their company sales.
Monthly average campaign metrics
Leads found
Positive conversations
Meetings scheduled
New clients closed won

COCO® Approach
Custom Omni-Channel Outbound.

We roll-out multi-channel campaign on LinkedIn, Email, and Social
to generate positive conversations and help you push the deals up the sales funnel.
We will generate more meetings and
business opportunities than you can handle.

Meet Our Team
International Marketers and Sales experts,
we inspire each other to solve your challenges.

Sergey Krivochurov
Founder, CEO
Serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in hi-tech. Led a major SaaS based sales coaching platform, where he collaborated with top sales teams in the US on a daily basis.
Sophie Grechenko
Head of SDR team
Sophie oversees all projects' messaging and maximizes the number of booked appointments for each campaign by driving LI messages, emails, and CRM funnels.
Alina Penkina
Head of Operations
Alina oversees all projects' KPIs, making sure our lead-gen and recruitment teams are performing well across all campaigns, and always aspires for perfection.
Nadya Sterkhova
Offshore Account Executive
Studied business management in London, Nadya is experienced in FinTech and global markets. She helps SUAFI clients handle CusDev interviews and web demos. Avid ace racer.
Maria Pakhomova
Maria is in charge of written correspondence on behalf of our clients. She sets up plenty of sales web appointments for our global tech partners.
Alyona Ditina
Operations Manager
Alyona plays a key role in company's efforts aiming at finding the best candidates for our partners across the world, with a focus on customer facing teams.
Andrew Kaptarenko
Offshore Account Executive
Andrew drives customer-facing activities, performs on CusDev and product demo calls, and helps our clients collect critical knowledge about their market. Astrophysics enthusiast.
Adele Akhmadieva
Email Marketer
Adele is in charge of setting up and executing all company's email messaging. She's perfecting our cadences week in and week out. Art history connoisseur
Kirill Kasymov
Oversees creating outreach cadences, A/B testing, and written correspondence with prospects. Amateur standup comedian
Ziada Filippova
Based in Istanbul, Ziada handles all prospect communication on a number of important projects. As a hobby, she explores cultures of the CIS countries.
Andrey Kudishin
CIS Business Development
Connected with top accelerators, VC funds, and entrepreneurs in the CIS region, Andrey helps SUAFI to expand its business in Western Europe.
Alina Yatsyk
Alina has been with the company since its foundation, she's an expert in any aspect of the lead generation and data research process.
Elizaveta Dogan
Based in the Caribbean, she works with emerging tech and accelerators. Avid reader and amateur tennis player
Sercan Uzunkaya
Bouncing between Istanbul and Bali, Sercan is building lists of leads in the QA area. Avid surfer
Polina Petrachkova
Polina focuses on manufacture startups. She's an adrenaline junkie, swimmer, yogi and traveler.
Tatiana Uzunkaya
Bouncing between Istanbul and Bali, Tanya works with recruitment clients. Semi-professional surfer.
Marina Merkulova
Marina handles data research for international tech projects. Semi-pro rifle athlete
Anastasia Yatsyk
Nastya is in charge of building lists of leads & prospects within the gaming industry. Fantasy-fiction lover
Nadya Askolskaya
Nadya acts as a data miner for AdTechs marketing startups. Amateur painter and dancer
Kate Gamezo
Based in Minsk, Kate is our data analyst for B2B projects. She's fond of animation and the Italian language
Alena Krymova
Based in Saint-Pete, Alena is in charge of lead gen activities for tech startups. Amateur tennis player.
Elisavet Nafanailidou
Liza is in charge of lead-gen service for distributed sales teams. Amateur tennis player and painter.
Elvina Sharifullina
Elvina oversees our recruitment search. Avid photographer and amateur tennis player
Nadie Berdiyarova
Lead Gen Specialist
Based in Uzbekistan, Nadie manages LinkedIn pages. Dancer (K-pop) and a fun of intellectual games
Arina Serkova
Data Analyst
Manages LinkedIn pages and researches the target prospects. Dancer and traveler
Marina Bender
Data Analyst
Making research of the target leads and prospects across the globe. Studies German and love vinyl music
Sveta Abdykadyrova
Data Analyst
Searching for target prospects and DMs across the globe. Amateur dancer and painter
Zhazira Sissenbayeva
Data Analyst
Kazakstan-native, Zhazira oversees LinkedIn & the target prospects research. Eager reader and yogi
Milana Tsopanova
Data Analyst
Making research of the target leads and prospects across the US and the EU. Passionate dancer
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