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Appointment Setting

Multi-channel campaigns

We generate positive replies on LinkedIn, Email, and Social and push your deals up the sales funnel!


Why Lead Gen Team AS A SERVICE?

Appointment setting is crucial for landing new customers and expanding business. BUT it’s costly to develop a high-yield SDR team in-house. It requires a lot of persistence, creativity, and day-to-day management.

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Project team and roles

For each campaign we assign a minimum of four experts

01 Analyst

Collects data on target leads and prospects, manages sales sequences, and enriches the project's CRM.

02 SDR

The sales development rep is responsible for creating, A/B testing, and improving sales cadences. They handle all written correspondence with prospects and schedule appointments.

Email marketer
03 Email marketer

Oversees all email-related topics such as: setting up and checking domain health status, sequences, sales statistics, validating email addresses, etc.

Team lead
04 Team lead

Orchestrate all team efforts to fulfill and exceed project KPIs. The main speaker on weekly sync-up calls.

Operations Manager
05 Operations Manager

Overall supervision - generates creative ideas and supports complex campaigns.

Analyst SDR Email marketer Team lead Operations Manager
Start Up And Fly ✺ Start Up And Fly Start Up And Fly ✺ Start Up And Fly

Our success formula

We generate positive replies on LinkedIn, Email, and Social and push your deals up the sales funnel!

Our success formula
Omnichannel We define the set of outreach channels for each campaign based on your goals and the ICP 01 Omnichannel
Create smart non salesy messages We'll help you stand out with smart messages in this era of SPAM 02 Create smart non salesy messages
Always month-to-month We don't require long term commitments and show results from week one 03 Always month-to-month
Marry science and creativity + A/B test We have the most creative, talented and seasoned SDRs who always strive to do better 04 Marry science and creativity + A/B test
Do not use bots Bots mean you don't respect your prospects. It's a no-no in a B2B world where every interaction with customers matter 05 Do not use bots

Multi-channel STRATEGY

LinkedIn Outreach LinkedIn Outreach
LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn is designed for making meaningful connections with the people you want to do business with. It outshines all social platforms when it comes to B2B marketing.

In addition:

  • The average reply rate to LinkedIn messages is three times higher than emails.
  • 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions.
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SUAFI’s approach SUAFI’s approach
SUAFI’s approach

A bot-free, personalized outreach using profiles of real people. Which sets you apart from the daily spam. And positions you ahead of competitors.

  • We chip tune your LinkedIn pages for superior performance
  • You can also rent our team’s LinkedIn pages (validated and real)
  • We generate likes and comments for you posts
  • And like/comment the posts of your prospects
  • We help you get new clients and grow an expert community
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Email-marketing Email-marketing

Email was once the primary channel for attracting customers, but with the heyday of business social media, it has taken a back seat.

It now requires a lot of accuracy if you’re cold emailing and don’t want your domain to go to Google/Microsoft jail.

SUAFI respects privacy regulations and complies with HIPAA (USA), GDPR (EU), and PIPEDA (Canada).

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Some useful tactics: Some useful tactics:
Some useful tactics:
  • Never send cold emails from your real company domain!
  • .com zone domains get more trust by default.
  • Use different service providers (Microsoft/Gmail/Zoho) if you have more than one cold email domain.
  • Configure sending and tracking DNS records: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Don’t send more than 100 emails/day per DOMAIN. Buy more domains to accelerate email outreach.
  • Warm-up every new domain within 2 weeks.
  • Use inbox rotation and do not use open trackers.
  • Validate your email addresses with paid tools.
  • Don’t use links, images and spam-words.
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WhatsApp/Telegram WhatsApp/Telegram

In some parts of the world this type of outreach is hyper successful and is not considered an intrusion into a private area.

E.g.: WhatsApp business chats in Brazil.

SUAFI’s experts are ready to launch bot-free WA/TGM campaigns tailored to your unique goals.

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China special China special
China special

In Asia and especially in China, companies have their own ways of doing business.

We can schedule appointments using their local social networks such as MaiMai, WeChat and Baidu.

We have team members based in China and fluent in Chinese.

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Cases Discover how businesses like yours use SUAFI to acquire new clients
NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder
The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations!
Campaign details

SUAFI is currently helping us with CustDev and sales activities in the US, and the EU. They book 4-5 SQL calls for us every week, and the best week had a record of 18 attended calls! I believe their price-to-service quality ratio is incredible compared to what we see in the market.

260 sales-qualified calls were completed within a year
24 target industries completed
70% average conversion from positive responses to booked calls
SpatialChat Almas Abulkhairov , Founder
We cooperate with SUAFI on building an outbound customer acquisition machine.
Campaign details

For our project SUAFI allocated four data analysts, an SDR, and a PM - the team works cohesively as if it were an in-house unit. They started generating web demos from day one. Their team also helps us analyze our demo flow and improves the conversion of demos into paying customers.

105 web calls attended incl. with ISACA, Bizzabo, Sega, Ubisoft
13 key market verticals completed
30% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
Uploadcare Igor Debatur , Co-Founder, CEO
SUAFI helped us move our HQ to Vancouver, hire local sales people, and improve our demo stream & playbook.
Campaign details

We've partnered with SUAFI for over three years and are now working on a lead generation campaign for B2B. I keep suggesting SUAFI to my CEO friends who are looking for international expansion.

20,000 tech area DM leads found
33% the average email open rate
67 calls arranged incl. the most wanted list, such as Yotpo, Tophatter, DevMedia, etc.
01 /04

SUAFI is trusted by hundreds of leaders around the globe Julia Tumasyan, COO

We work with SUAFI on two fronts: a lead gen campaign to attract new clients from Africa and salespeople recruitment. They are great at both domains! Together we’ve hired 2 excellent account executives, and every week they are busy with calls scheduled by SUAFI!

NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder

We’ve been partnering with SUAFI since Dec 2021. They organized CustDev interviews across multiple countries and when we collected enough data to complete the ICP, they started scheduling sales calls. Great team, awesome results so far, and we plan to continue!

Stayfitt Roman Kuznetsov, CEO

With the assistance of SUAFI, we set up an appointment-setting campaign in UAE and Saudi Arabia targeting enterprise clients. We tested several approaches and reached the desired 10+ calls a month. The quality of their A/B tests is simply superb; creativity at level 80!

InKin Zara Martirosyan, Founder

Fellow entrepreneurs highly recommended SUAFI! We were looking for local experts who could help us penetrate the US B2B market. Glad to launch our multi-channel campaign - great results so far, and we hope SUAFI will manage all of our outreach efforts.

Sellesta Konstantin Rhoda, Head of BizDev

High-quality lead gen! SUAFI helps us book enough meetings to have a series of meaningful conversations with prospects and business partners. We had to set up workflows, but once it was done, it saved us a lot of time. Great CustDev and cold outreach skills.

UnifyHub Stanislav Kirillov, Co-founder

Great experience working with SUAFI to reach potential clients in the EU. We tested several verticals, booked plenty of calls, and gathered tons of feedback to refine our market offering. I love the way SUAFI handles obstacles and always comes back with a plan B!

Toloka Svetlana Svilenok, UX Research Lead

SUAFI impressed us with their in-depth research on leads and creative approach to the cold outreach process. Attentive to details and flexible in cooperation! They use data-driven insights and are constantly looking for improvements. We also love our weekly sync-ups!

TuneTheAds Alex Petrov, CEO

Very professional and hardworking! We had an excellent workflow throughout our cooperation. We held regular meetings to discuss our services, prospects, and vision for future work. They also responded to all our queries and objections. The quality of the job is unquestionable.

Nebius Nadya Saul, Advisor

I had a fantastic experience working with SUAFI on a complex B2B research project in the dynamic Machine Learning market. Highly recommended for their proactive problem-solving, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable results.

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