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Working with global talent is easier than ever!

Manage your contractors from any country via our U.S. entity.
 Manage your contractors from any country via our U.S. entity.
We take care of the payroll with any currency and transfer frequency.
 We take care of the payroll with any currency and transfer frequency.
Kitty Donaldson
Kitty Donaldson Sales Operations
Patricia Delacruz
Patricia Delacruz Head of Marketing
Nancy Wells
Nancy Wells Accountant
Raees Copeland
Raees Copeland Partnerships Lead
Daisy Valentine
Daisy Valentine HR Manager
Sasha Mikhailo
Sasha Mikhailo Head of Dev Team
Aigerim Petra
Aigerim Petra Data Analyst
Alysha Trujillo
Alysha Trujillo Sales
Shakira Moses
Shakira Moses Administrative Assistant
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee Project Manager
Ollie Bradley
Ollie Bradley Product Manager
Arun Mendoza
Arun Mendoza Supervisor
Dylan Cuevas
Dylan Cuevas Customer Service
Ehsan Mata
Ehsan Mata Software Engineer
Maisie Bonilla
Maisie Bonilla Social Media Expert
Maxwell Chen
Maxwell Chen Account Manager

Multi-country payroll for your global team

We work with Wise, PayPal, Zelle and other providers to ensure that all your contractors get paid on time, conveniently and in local currency!

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We offer premium care
rocket for both YOU and YOUR contractors

01 Hire contractors with an American corporation Hire contractors with an American corporation
02 Prepare and sign 1099 agreements Prepare and sign 1099 agreements
03 Process invoices Process invoices
04 Advise contractors on tax matters Advise contractors on tax matters
05 Pay in any currency Pay in any currency
06 Manage expenses Manage expenses
07 Layoff support Layoff support

Employee Leasing

Get access to a pool of best in class SDRs, CustDev researchers, and Account Executives available to join your project as part/full-time experts.

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Nadya Sterkhov
Nadya Sterkhov Account Executive 7+ years
Sophie Grechenko
Sophie Grechenko CustDev Researcher 8+ years
Kirill Kasymov
Kirill Kasymov Sales DevRep 6+ years
Start Up And Fly ✺ Start Up And Fly Start Up And Fly ✺ Start Up And Fly

SUAFI is trusted by hundreds of leaders around the globe

Brave VC Albert Smektalsky, Partner

SUAFI is our reliable partner in scouting promising startup projects and commercializing them globally. They support us in cooperation with Poland PRIZE and help our portfolio companies with GoToMarket and BuzDev strategies in the US. Global experts in B2B sales!

Rentmania Alan Mesh, Founder

I really enjoyed working together on booking several dozen appointments with our potential investors. Despite the short notice, the team hopped on the project and was very creative. I look forward to keeping this partnership active.

Chumak Anastasia Dolinovskaya, Export KAM

Start Up And Fly team is helping us penetrate large EU-based retail chains and expand our brand further. They take care of our corporate LinkedIn, social media posting and outbound lead gen. Every week, they generate several sales-qualified appointments for our commercial team.

Uploadcare Igor Debatur, CEO

We've partnered with SUAFI for 3+ years. They helped us move HQ to Vancouver, hire local salespeople, improve demo flow & playbooks. Now we work on a B2B client acquisition campaign. I suggest SUAFI to my CEO friends who're looking for global expansion.

PromoRepublic Max Pechersky, CEO

We first met Sergey at the SAASTR co-selling space in SF back in 2015. Since then, SUAFI has helped us hire talented AEs and CSMs and set up an outbound lead gen campaign that led to the signing of our first national-level franchise client.

CrowdSpace Oleg Demidov, Founder

We worked together with Sergey's team on an investment campaign. Lots of insights and quality meetings with potential investors/partners. Looking forward to tackling new challenges side by side with SUAFI!

SpatialChat Almas Abdulkhairov, Founder

We work with SUAFI on improving outbound client acquisition. They’ve engaged 4 analysts, an SDR, a PM, and the team works in unison as if they're in-house! They started generating web calls from week one and helped us improve our AEs performance during demos.

InKin Zara Martirosyan, Founder

Fellow entrepreneurs highly recommended SUAFI! We were looking for local experts who could help us penetrate the US B2B market. Glad to launch our multi-channel campaign - great results so far, and we hope SUAFI will manage all of our outreach efforts.

Toloka Svetlana Svilenok, UX Research Lead

SUAFI impressed us with their in-depth research on leads and creative approach to the cold outreach process. Attentive to details and flexible in cooperation! They use data-driven insights and are constantly looking for improvements. We also love our weekly sync-ups!

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