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It's all about people and their passions.
Improving your outbound efforts and helping you sign new customers are our EXPERTISE & PASSION.
We love studying new cases, cultures, and styles. We're eager to help you change things for the better. That's how we make friends around the world.

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Our clients

San Francisco, USA Nikita Fedorov
Nikita Fedorov
Nikita Fedorov Founder, CEO at Qase San Francisco, USA

We cooperate with SUAFI to recruit sales talent and provide sales enablement services, which includes improving our social selling, lead generation and appointment setting as part of customer acquisition strategy.

Professional and speedy!

Indianapolis, USA Nate Lisker
Nate Lisker
Nate Lisker Sales Manager at HypeAuditor Indianapolis, USA

We started working with SUAFI in mid-2021. Since then, the guys have been generating regular appointments, and some of them have turned into paying customers.

I like the flexibility and professionalism of the team; very agile in A/B testing and changing strategy if necessary.

Vancouver, Canada Igor Debatur
Igor Debatur
Igor Debatur CEO at Uploadcare Vancouver, Canada

We've partnered with Start Up And Fly for over 3 years now. They helped us move our HQ to Vancouver, hire local salespeople, improve our demo flow & playbooks. We're now working on a B2B customer acquisition campaign.

I constantly recommend SUAFI to my CEO friends who're looking for international expansion.

Limassol, Cyprus Almas Abdulkhairov
Almas Abdulkhairov
Almas Abdulkhairov Founder at SpatialChat Limassol, Cyprus

We cooperate with SUAFI on building our outbound customer acquisition engine. They allocate us 4 data analysts, an SDR, and a PM; the team works in unison as if they are an in-house unit. They started generating web demos from week one!

The team is also helping us analyze the demo flow and improve our conversion rate into paying clients.

Dubai, UAE Zara Martirosyan
Zara Martirosyan
Zara Martirosyan Founder at InKin Dubai, UAE

Fellow entrepreneurs highly recommended that I work with this team. We were looking for local experts who could help us penetrate the US B2B market. Very excited to start our multi-channel outbound campaign;

Great results so far, and we hope that over time Start Up & Fly will completely outsource our cold outreach efforts.

Palo Alto, USA Max Pechersky
Max Pechersky
Max Pechersky CEO at PromoRepublic Palo Alto, USA

We first met Sergey at the SAASTR co-selling space in San Francisco back in 2015. Since then, Start Up And Fly has helped us hire talented AEs and CSMs, which boosted our business.

They also set up an outbound lead gen campaign that led to the signing of our first national-level franchise client.

Breslau, Poland Albert Smektalsky
Albert Smektalsky
Albert Smektalsky Partner at Brave VC Breslau, Poland

SUAFI is our reliable partner in scouting promising startup projects and commercializing them globally. They also support us in cooperation with Polish government programs, such as PRIZE. SUAFI has helped our portfolio companies with GoToMarket and BuzDev strategies in the US and LATAM.

I recommend them as global experts in B2B sales!

Belgrade, Serbia Elena Chernysheva
Elena Chernysheva
Elena Chernysheva Product Manager at Yandex Belgrade, Serbia

SUAFI is helping us with B2B CustDevs and sales appointments around the globe. Our partnership began in 2021, and we continues into 2024. The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations!

They have an amazing value for money compared to what we see in the market.

Helsinki, Finland Alan Mesh
Alan Mesh
Alan Mesh Founder at Rentmania Helsinki, Finland

I really enjoyed working together on booking several dozen appointments with our potential investors. Despite the short notice, the team hopped on the project and was very creative.

I look forward to keeping this partnership active.

Berlin, Germany Oleg Demidov
Oleg Demidov
Oleg Demidov Founder at CrowdSpace Berlin, Germany

We worked together with Sergey's team on an investment campaign. Lots of insights and quality meetings with potential investors/partners.

Looking forward to tackling new challenges side by side with SUAFI!

Wilmington, USA Andrew Ganine
Andrew Ganine
Andrew Ganine Founder at ActiveChat Wilmington, USA

We've been working with SUAFI to set up product web demos with support and customer success executives across North America.

They helped us tune up our pitch by marrying AI and human approach. Well done!

Kakhovka, Ukraine Anastasia Dolinovskaya
Anastasia Dolinovskaya
Anastasia Dolinovskaya Export KAM at Chumak Kakhovka, Ukraine

Start Up And Fly team is helping us penetrate large EU-based retail chains and expand our brand further. They take care of our corporate LinkedIn, social media posting and outbound lead gen.

Every week, they manage to generate several sales-qualified appointments for our commercial team.

San Jose, USA Moez Nasser
Moez Nasser
Moez Nasser CEO at Maavan San Jose, USA

The SUAFI team is assisting us in an ongoing customer acquisition campaign in the US/Canada markets. We're building a large, quality database of targeted prospects!

Good job, guys, keep growing!

Sacramento, USA Hemal Desai
Hemal Desai
Hemal Desai Founder at AnuvaTechnologies Sacramento, USA
We cooperate with Start Up and Fly Inc. on cold outreach efforts in the very competitive field of digital marketing. They were able to start generating sales appointments for us starting from the second week of working together. Great skills!
Belgrade, Serbia Svetlana Svilenok
Svetlana Svilenok
Svetlana Svilenok UX Research Lead at Toloka Belgrade, Serbia

SUAFI team impressed us with their in-depth research on leads and their creative approach to the cold outreach process. Very attentive to details, flexible in cooperation. They use data-driven insights and are constantly looking for improvements.

We meet with the team weekly via Zoom to review the project’s progress in detail.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Dmitry Dogaev
Dmitry Dogaev
Dmitry Dogaev Tech Implementation Manager at YangoDeli Tech Amsterdam, The Netherlands

They are experts in lead generation and sales outreach. SUAFI approached the job responsibly in order to understand our product and the purpose of our cooperation. They show willingness and flexibility to make any changes to the process we want.

With their help, we multiplied our positive outcome many times over.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov CEO at TuneTheAds Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Very professional and hardworking team. We had an excellent workflow throughout our cooperation. We held regular meetings to discuss our services, potential clients, and vision for future work. They also responded to all our queries and objections.

The team is very flexible, and the quality of their job is unquestionable.

Yerevan, Armenia Kate Skvortsova
Kate Skvortsova
Kate Skvortsova Product Manager at Smelter Yerevan, Armenia

They have a pro-team – they are easy to work with, have a professional ethic, and an excellent ability to understand our business and position our product properly for new clients.

I highly recommend SUAFI to any business looking to generate leads, organize customer development and sales outreach.

Mexico city, Mexico Konstantin Rhoda
Konstantin Rhoda
Konstantin Rhoda Head of BizDev at Sellesta Mexico city, Mexico

High-quality lead generation. Start Up And Fly helps us book enough meetings to have a series of meaningful conversations with potential clients and business partners every week. We had to set up workflows, but once it was done, it saved us a lot of time.

Awesome CustDev and sales outreach skills.

Yerevan, Armenia Julia Tumasyan
Julia Tumasyan
Julia Tumasyan COO at Intent.ai Yerevan, Armenia

We work with SUAFI on two fronts: a lead gen campaign to attract new clients from Africa and salespeople recruitment. They are great at both domains, and I keep recommending my network to enroll them.

Together we’ve hired two excellent account executives, and every week they are busy with appointments scheduled by SUAFI!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Nadya Saul
Nadya Saul
Nadya Saul Advisor at Nebius Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I had a fantastic experience working with SUAFI on a complex B2B research project in the dynamic Machine Learning market. When faced with the challenge of an underperforming funnel, they offered multiple solutions - in an industry, finding an agency that comprehends the intricacies and goes the extra mile to deliver results is rare.

Highly recommended for their proactive problem-solving, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable results.

London, UK Sergey Safonov
Sergey Safonov
Sergey Safonov Co-founder at MEL Science London, UK

We initiated our partnership in early 2023. At MEL Science, our primary focus has been promoting our software to toy companies. Thanks to SUAFI, we successfully organized a series of B2B meetings, including with one of the top three toy companies in the UK.

SUAFI's approach is highly structured and precise, yet they demonstrate flexibility by adapting to our specific needs.

Tel Aviv, Israel Stanislav Fedotov
Stanislav Fedotov
Stanislav Fedotov AI Content Lead at Practicum Tel Aviv, Israel

SUAFI helped us find ML engineers and data scientists at an important moment for us when we were launching an educational bootcamp in the UK. We completed dozens of CustDev interviews with our target personas and are very pleased with the outcomes of our cooperation.

These guys are smart, fast and cost effective. We have already engaged SUAFI twice for appointment setting services and plan to do so in the future.

Yerevan, Armenia Dmitry Konovalov
Dmitry Konovalov
Dmitry Konovalov Co-founder at NeuroDub Yerevan, Armenia

We’ve been partnering with SUAFI since Dec 2021. At first, they organized and carried out CustDev interviews for our brand across multiple countries. After we collected enough data to complete the ICP, SUAFI started scheduling sales appointments in our key regions.

Great team, awesome results so far, and we plan to continue this collaboration in 2024!

Maardu, Estonia Stanislav Kirillov
Stanislav Kirillov
Stanislav Kirillov Co-founder at UnifyHub Maardu, Estonia

We had a great experience working with Start Up And Fly to reach potential clients in the EU. We tested several industries/verticals, conducted plenty of web calls, and gathered tons of feedback from decision-makers to refine our market offering.

I admire the way SUAFI handles obstacles and always comes back with a plan B!

Dubai, UAE Roman Kuznetsov
Roman Kuznetsov
Roman Kuznetsov CEO at Stayfitt Dubai, UAE

With the assistance of SUAFI, we set up an appointment-setting campaign in UAE and Saudi Arabia targeting enterprise clients. Over the few months of our collaboration, we tested several different approaches and reached the desired 10+ attended calls per month.

The level and quality of the A/B tests this team does is simply superb; they are able to produce great messages yet completely different stylistically, literary etc. Creativity at level 80!

Meet Our Team

Sergey Krivochurov
Sergey Krivochurov Founder, CEO Serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in global sales and technology. Led a major SaaS sales coaching platform where he collaborated with top sales teams in the US on a daily basis.
Alina Penkina
Alina Penkina COO Alina oversees all projects' KPIs and all the company's daily operations to support our business strategy. She ensures our lead-gen and recruiting teams deliver strong results across all campaigns and always strives for excellence.
Sophie Grechenko
Sophie Grechenko VP of Sales Sophie manages the SDR team, overseeing all outbound messaging and maximizing the number of booked appointments for each campaign. She monitors all outreach channels and ensures all opportunities are promoted up the CRM funnel for our clients.
Alyona Ditina
Alyona Ditina Operations Manager Alyona works closely with the data analytics team and assists our COO in the recruitment, induction, and ongoing training of our newbies and juniors. She leads our corporate university and manages several important projects as a team lead.
Nadya Sterkhova
Nadya Sterkhova Sales and CustDev Expert Studied Business Management in London, Nadya is our key expert in global sales and customer development. She works on important projects and helps SUAFI clients handle CustDev interviews and sales web demos. Avid ace racer.
Kirill Kasymov
Kirill Kasymov Head of Projects Oversees creating outreach cadences, A/B testing, and written correspondence with prospects. Amateur standup comedian
Maria Pakhomova
Maria Pakhomova Head of Projects Maria is in charge of written correspondence on behalf of our clients. She sets up plenty of sales web appointments for our global tech partners.
Ziada Filippova
Ziada Filippova Head of Projects Based in Istanbul, Ziada handles all prospect communication on a number of important projects. As a hobby, she explores cultures of the CIS countries.
Alisa Fanyan
Alisa Fanyan Head of Projects Studied in Sorbonne, Alisa is in charge of multi-channel outreach for both sales demo and quantitative studies. Rhythmic gymnastics enthusiast.
Adele Akhmadieva
Adele Akhmadieva Email Marketer Executing all company's email messaging. She's perfecting our cadences week in and week out. Art history connoisseur.
Marina Bender
Marina Bender Lead Gen Expert Making research of the target leads and prospects across the globe. Studies German and loves vinyl music.
Alena Krymova
Alena Krymova Lead Gen Expert Based in Saint-Pete, Alena is in charge of lead gen activities for tech startups. Amateur tennis player.
Kate Gamezo
Kate Gamezo Lead Gen Expert Based in Minsk, Kate combines data analyst duties for B2B projects with CEO's PA. A fan of animation and the Italian language.
Elizabeth Goncharuk
Elizabeth Goncharuk Lead Gen Expert Elizabeth is looking for targeted prospects and leads in multiple regions, video games enthusiast.
Alex Zhuchkov
Alex Zhuchkov Lead Gen Expert Looking for leads and target prospects around QA teams. A fan of cycling and ping pong.
Sveta Abdykadyrova
Sveta Abdykadyrova Data Analyst Searching for target prospects and DMs across the globe. Amateur dancer and painter.
Alina Yatsyk
Alina Yatsyk Data Analyst Alina has been with the company since its foundation, she's an expert in any aspect of the lead generation and data research process.
Marina Merkulova
Marina Merkulova Data Analyst Marina handles data research for international tech projects. Semi-pro rifle athlete.
Polina Petrachkova
Polina Petrachkova Data Analyst Polina focuses on manufacture startups. She's an adrenaline junkie, swimmer, yogi and traveler.
Anastasia Yatsyk
Anastasia Yatsyk Data Analyst Nastya is in charge of building lists of leads & prospects within the gaming industry. Fantasy-fiction lover.
Elisavet Nafanailidou
Elisavet Nafanailidou Data Analyst Liza is in charge of lead-gen service for distributed sales teams. Amateur tennis player and painter.
Bibinur Kozhagaliyeva
Bibinur Kozhagaliyeva Data Analyst Making research of the target leads across Africa and rest of the globe. Amateur interior designer.
Zhazira Sissenbayeva
Zhazira Sissenbayeva Data Analyst Kazakstan-native, Zhazira oversees LinkedIn & the target prospects research. Eager reader and yogi.
Tatiana Dubina
Tatiana Dubina Data Analyst Leads and prospects research in the games distribution industry. Amateur film photographer.
Aigerim Yerubayeva
Aigerim Yerubayeva Data Analyst Based in Kazakhstan, Aigerim supports our EdTech projects, collects leads and data on target companies
Julia Suprun
Julia Suprun Data Analyst Julia is involved in data analysis in customer development and sales projects. Handmade jewelry maker

SUAFI’s 2023 Solutions Map

We are on a mission to free up your time and let you focus on big ideas! That's why we expand our services beyond ‘B2B appointment setting’


Appointment Setting

Our seasoned team of cold outreach experts on a monthly fee basis. They run multi-channel outbound campaigns, set appointments, and help you move new deals up the sales funnel.

Learn More

Sales Team Recruitment

You bet we know how to find the best customer-facing talent! We speak the same language and share the same values. Any region, industry, and seniority. Guaranteed and on time!

Learn More

Go Global

SUAFI finds targeted respondents for free / sponsored CustDev interviews, and collects vital insights about your future DMs. We will help you validate hypotheses and eventually hit the ground running!

Learn More

Manage Contractors

SUAFI will sign and manage your contractors from any country via our U.S. entity. We will also take care of the payroll and paperwork.

Learn More

SUAFI roadmap Journey

2018 Cold outreach consulting firm registered in Atlanta, GA. Focused on helping several large US clients. First breakthrough results and defining our unique methodology and style
01 /07
2019 “Cracking the lead gen code”! Emphasis on LinkedIn outreach, which outplays cold emails. Hiring a team and hypotheses testing. Expanding our business in the U.S. and Canada
02 /07
2020 Start Up And Fly Inc. is incorporated in the State of Delaware. A fresh start with a new team of like-minded people! Signing first international clients and fine-tuning internal processes. Speaking at global startup events, networking
03 /07
2021 Hypergrowth stage: happy customers on all continents! We launch new services: sales talent recruitment and business internationalization. SUAFI opens an office in the EU (Estonia). COO and VP of Sales join the team!
04 /07
2022 Despite the COVID pandemic, we managed to triple our revenue & team size! SUAFI signed its first Fortune 500 client. New services introduced: CustDev interviews, find your investor, and global contractors management.
05 /07
2023 Hypergrowth continues - a massive influx of clients from small and medium-sized startups. We open co-working offices in Turkey, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and China. Partnerships with accelerators
06 /07
2024 Let's do it TOGETHER! 🚀
07 /07
Victory belongs to the most tenacious ✺ Victory belongs to the most tenacious Victory belongs to the most tenacious ✺ Victory belongs to the most tenacious
Cases Discover how businesses like yours use SUAFI to acquire new clients
Qase Nikita Fedorov, Founder
We’ve been working with SUAFI since 2020 on two fronts: B2B appointment setting and global talent recruitment.
Campaign details

From the first month, we started getting booked appointments from our target verticals. Each month they generate 15+ scheduled calls, leading to ~12 completed SQL calls, often new trials, and paying clients!

50,000 target leads found
40 key market verticals completed
32% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
Toloka Svetlana Svilenok, UX Research Lead
We run several B2B CustDev streams with SUAFI every month, and we’re pleased with the results!
Campaign details

Every campaign brings us 20-25 completed monthly calls, and we only talk to targeted respondents. SUAFI helps us communicate with logos on our wish list, such as Accenture, SAP, EPAM, Adidas, Carrefour, eBay, and more! We always encourage other Toloka departments to partner with SUAFI.

33% conversion rate of outbound messages into positive replies
200+ completed web calls, and counting
8 calls attended per week on average, 13 on the best week
HypeAuditor Nate Lisker , Sales Manager
These guys regularly generate appointments, and some have already become paying customers.
Campaign details

We focus the outreach campaign on three countries: the US, Canada and the UK. I like the flexibility and professionalism of the team; they are agile in testing and changing strategy if needed. They have arranged web calls with top brands such as Dentsu Int., Twilio, Vimeo, and PayPal.

25,000 decision-makers found in 3 target markets
20% conversion from web demo -> to paying customer
35% average LinkedIn invitations acceptance rate
NeuroDub Dmitry Konovalov, Co-founder
The project got up to speed very quickly, and the results so far are exceeding our expectations!
Campaign details

SUAFI is currently helping us with CustDev and sales activities in the US, and the EU. They book 4-5 SQL calls for us every week, and the best week had a record of 18 attended calls! I believe their price-to-service quality ratio is incredible compared to what we see in the market.

260 sales-qualified calls were completed within a year
24 target industries completed
70% average conversion from positive responses to booked calls
01 /04

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