Enter The US Market
We help international tech businesses penetrate the US market.
Entering the US market is an ambitious but notable goal for most technology companies.
The opportunity seems imperial and includes plenty of factors that are hard to keep in one head.

Before heading overseas to the most competitive market of entrepreneurs, you need to understand how to
embark on the US ground. We offer a comprehensive approach to make sure your team hits the ground running!
Come equipped!
  • Enter the market with the hired qualified sales team on board,
  • Know your competitors and establish the target verticals ahead of time,
  • Outsource routine and focus on sales and your product or service market fit.
Be a local
  • Hire local (born and raised) AEs to help you get better established on the new market,
  • Localize your business model, pricing, and service features,
  • Expand your network, which is entirely what the tech industry is about in the US.
Get ready to adapt fast
  • Start warming up your prospects before launching operations here; focus on booking appointments with DMs to get a better sense of their pain-points,
  • Be agile to react correctly and timely in the unknown environment,
  • Come with an open mind.
Start Up and Fly team has already helped plenty of startups successfully complete the North American expansion. How exactly we can help:

A. Appointment setting and lead generation campaigns,
B. Bookkeeping, legal and tax services,
C. Company and Trademark registration,
D. Data enrichment, CustDev and testing hypotheses (remote),
E. Establish sales unit, onboard new-hires, KPI-based management,
F. FATCA status and other IRS-specific problem-solving,
G. Generate smart content for SoMe and landing pages,
H. Hire local and international Sales, Marketing and Customer Support talents.
Partnership with Accelerators

We partner with US-based and international accelerators and help their startups and alumni launch or boost their US sales.

We're working on several programs to educate startup community on how to avoid common mistakes.

Invite us to speak on startup events, as we are
always happy to share the experience our team gained along the way.